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Restore Harmony

Rediscover Yourself

Enhance Your Life

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Mind Calm Massage is a professional massage practice in South Kensington. Whether you need to get energised for a great day or unwind after work, Mind Calm Massage is ready when you are. We provide deep tissue massage, hot stones therapy, relaxing lomi lomi massage and sports massage. Every treatment is tailored to your requirements and is often a combination of different techniques for the best experience.


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We have helped thousands of clients improve their life through our high quality approach in getting you fine tuned and feeling awesome.
Our philosophy is simple: It’s all about You and not really about us. We work towards improving how you feel, sleep and move. Most of our massage clients start to sleep better, feel better and move better! Our signature massage gives you an improved quality of life!


So, how are we different from other massage practices:

  •  No rushed massage – ever. All Sessions are full 60 minutes and 90 minutes, never a minute less than what you paid. In fact most regular clients tend to benefit from slightly longer sessions at no extra charge.
  • There’s no extra charge for advanced massage techniques like deep tissue or assisted stretching. You always pay the same flat rate whether you request a specific technique or have your massage therapist custom-craft your session from a range of specialties.
  • You Earn Massage Miles With Every Massage! After 3 sessions you get Bonus 30 mins added to your fourth massage. We believe in rewarding loyal clients.

Hands down one of the best massages I ever had! I arrived here with a stiff neck and tense shoulders. Sophie did a brilliant massage with great skill and…

Why Lomi Lomi?

I’ve been drawn to the Hawaiian Massage: Lomi Lomi, ever since I came across brief literature on it while in massage school. The forearm strokes and stretching techniques seemed a different way of working on the body. This approach through movements sparked my...

Creating Space – Lomi Lomi Principles

Imagine being gently rocked into a state of deep bliss, your entire body nurtured from head to toe in a harmonious blend of movement, breath and openness. Allowing yourself to completely let go and just enjoy being you, just as you are. That present state gives rise...

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