Creating Space – Lomi Lomi Principles

Imagine being gently rocked into a state of deep bliss, your entire body nurtured from head to toe in a harmonious blend of movement, breath, and openness. Allowing yourself to completely let go and just enjoy being you, just as you are. That present state gives rise to more than just relaxation, it also frees your mind in a powerful way. Creating space is a fundamental part of lomi lomi massage, it resembles a beautiful dance of rhythm and flow designed to free the receiver of any energy blockages. When the receiver enters into this safe and welcoming state of being, the rhythmic flow of Lomi Lomi becomes like an easy de-cluttering exercise in the mind, body, and spirit. The loving nature of lomi lomi allows for a restoring of balance and enables the receiver to explore a great feeling of peace. This opens up space for new and healthier patterns to take root and grow.

How does the creation of new space happen in lomi lomi?

It has a lot to do with releasing of old emotional patterns and thereby welcoming and acknowledging a greater aspect of being. The lomi lomi massage practitioner respects that self-renewal plays an important role in the receiver’s healing experience and guides the energy journey along with them. The body is holistically addressed through gentle stretching and matching movement with breath. Release usually comes at the bottom of the breath. Once space is created other traditional techniques can be used such as polarity and activation of pressure points on tension areas. These pressure points hold memories of trauma and as they are recognised, they are released. The release creates more space and light, allowing fluidity and grace to return to the body.

This transformative and deeply nurturing flow is what makes lomi lomi distinctiy unique from other forms of massage.

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