Key Concepts in Lomi Lomi Healing

Lomi Lomi is a holistic perspective that generates healing by incorporating good thoughts and deeds. It is very intentional in application and involves a spiritual approach to healing the body and mind.

There are some distinct Hawaiian terms that are important when appreciating true Lomi Lomi. It is worth noting that the following list of terms is not exhaustive as Lomi Lomi is traditionally vast in nature and encompasses well over 45 different modalities from the simplest being nutritious eating, laughter, and love within tribal or family bonding (Ohana). Healing massage is among these concepts with the primary goal aimed at reuniting the body.

Barbara Helynn Heard (2010) compiled the below list of Lomi Lomi terms after extensive conversations with various Hawaiian elders and organisations.


AKUA in Hawaiian means God, Deity, Divine elements, Universal Source, Divine Creator, Spirit.

a – of
Kua – back, rear

AKUA is literally everything which came before us.

With the passing of time and the intermingling of cultures, Hawaiian use and interpretation of the term Ke Akua has evolved. Pre-contact Hawaiians did not have the concept of a single “supreme being” or “divine creator”. Ke akua referred generally to “spirit consciousness” and specifically to beings in the spirit world with extraordinary mana (spiritual power) who assisted people. These beings manifested in various elements of nature, in the souls of people, or in ancestral spirits. Since the arrival of Christianity in Hawaii, the term Ke akua as Higher Power, Great Spirit or Divine Creator.

In application to Lomi Lomi, treating each person and ourselves as mirrors of Akua in whatever form we personally experience spirit consciousness.



In Hawaiian culture, ALOHA carries a lot of meaning, whereby each part holds important significance.

Alo means “the presence of God with us” or honouring the Divine Presence.

Ha means the breath of life.

So, one meaning of Aloha is “the breath of God is in our presence”.

Aloha is the ultimate greeting in Hawaii. Hawaiians have many definitions for the word: hello, goodbye, welcome, love.

In Lomi Lomi practice, Aloha as a greeting is like a spiritual gate, opening the vibration in order to manifesting energy. To the Hawaiians, that which holds the vibration of unlimited intelligence is Lono (the god of rain) and the intent of God is granted power through the human voicing of Aloha. The ancient Kahunas recognised the powerful sound vibrations behind the word Aloha and the related connections to Lono and how that intelligence of sound can manifest miracles of healing.

HA’AHA’A: Humility

Strength is implicit with the Hawaiian understanding of humility; ha’aha’a is never subservient. We are each but a single aspect of Divine creation; we are as a single drop of water in an immense ocean. As a single aspect of Oneness, we each carry kuleana (responsibility) to malama (care for) ourselves and also to contribute to the Whole. Everyone is connected to one another in partnership with the greater good. The Au’makua or higher self is rooted in each person at the same time and “All Are One”. The Lomi Lomi practitioner understands that the receiver is responsible for receiving the benefits of the Lomi session and for their own unique healing experience.

HO’OPONOPONO: Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian word for the phrase “making things right”. It is an awareness of the human mind to recreate their own reality.

Ho’oponopono, an Ancient Hawaiian healing method of setting things right by releasing harmful thoughts and bringing oneself into balance belongs to a system of ancient Hawaiian teaching called the “Huna”. This powerful healing ritual evolves around the idea of the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. Ho’oponopono focuses an individual’s attention on the place within themselves which resonates with the outer conflict. By turning inward and using the four short magical sentences: I love you. I’m Sorry. Please Forgive me. Thank you. It cleans out the blockages in our thoughts and cell structure, opening the door for personal healing and miracles.


MANA: Life force, like Chi or Ki, inner light

Mana is an important word in Polynesia as it is the power source of healing. It is integral to understanding the Hawaiian and to practicing Lomi Lomi. Everyone is born with mana. This energy which is power, is known in many cultures – in China as chi, India as prana, and Japan as ki. 

To Hawaiians, mana accumulates in the solar plexus and is cultivated through focused practices of meditation, thought and action. Mana flows and creates ease wherever present. We can direct our mana to affect changes around us and in Lomi Lomi practice this relaxed energy benefits the receiver.


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