Book an online consultation and start receiving expert advice on muscle rehabilitation and dynamic stretching guides for pain relief or relaxation.

You receive your own personalized wellness treatment plan based on physical rehabilitation exercises, effective relaxation techniques and targeted care to maintain your recovery.

Whether you’re suffering from back pain or shoulder issues, insomnia or fibromyalgia, our proven tension relief techniques have helped hundreds of people to enjoy a better quality of life.

When you book an online consultation, a free bottle of hand sanitizer is donated to a local hospital. You can choose what hospital you would like it donated to.

South Kensington Massage Studio:

Mind Calm Professional Massage
Spencer Clinic
31 Thurloe St
South Kensington

South Woodford Studio (Open on Fridays By Appointment Only. Call For Appointments)

Air Yoga Studio
90-92 George Lane
South Woodford
E18 1JJ


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