Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage is an ancient healing art first practiced in Hawaii by the early Polynesian settlers over 1000 years ago. The Kahuna lomilomi were priests who practiced the healing arts with much reverence, love, and spirituality. They believe that physical discomfort and disease were the results of suppressed emotions, mental disturbances or spiritual disharmony. The ultimate goal of a Lomi Lomi session is to restore harmony and it is practiced with an emphasis on self-healing with a touch of love. According to the Hawaiian philosophy Huna, Lomi Lomi massage emphasizes living in harmony and love. In line with its core principles, lomi lomi is also known as a loving hands massage. It is very different from other massage techniques as it focuses on the body healing as a whole. Hawaiians view all aspects of the body as the “whole”. If an affected part of the body is healed or restored, all other parts are affected too.

Hawaiians believe that illness and tension are present when there is a problem with coordination in an individual’s body. This style of massage helps to bring out blockages and at the same time gives the energy a new direction. Consequently, Lomi Lomi massage is not just a physical relaxation; it also facilitates healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual self as well.

Lomi Lomi massage is performed with total energy using long continuous, flowing strokes, combined with a nurturing touch, relaxing the entire being while assisting in letting go of old limiting patterns and behaviors. Native Hawaiians describe this healing practice as reconnecting with one’s spirit. The depth of true Lomi Lomi is virtually limitless in its ability to offer the potential for healing.

A Lomi Lomi Massage session is a respite from the outside world, a sacred experience where the massage table becomes an altar and divinity touches humanity.  Recipients often experience profound changes on a physical and mental level. There is no other massage quite like it.

How is Lomi Lomi Massage performed?

Unlike many massage techniques, lomi lomi takes a minimalist approach with regards to towels both on the table and on your body. It is not for the shy or reticent as there is usually very minimal coverings on the body during the lomi lomi sessions. The idea is to remove any barriers to the full-body continuous strokes of the massage and allow the body to take a rest. Through Lomi Lomi, stress and muscle tension are relieved; blood and lymph flow are encouraged; and waste and toxins are eliminated. Tender touches, often intuitive in nature are integrated in the massage procedure to ensure the release of tension and free energy flow.  Many lomi lomi receivers often emerge feeling lighter and more connected with their own mind and body.

One of the most refreshing aspects of Lomi Lomi is the organic cooperation between the practitioner and receiver, both working together in tandem towards restoring harmony and balance, both sharing the same goal of rejuvenating mind, body and spirit. Another differing aspect of Lomi Lomi is the emotional strength and infinite power relied on. It does not follow any specific routine or techniques, unlike other massage modalities. Analyzing is disengaged and expectations are erased. In Lomi Lomi, less is more. Less analyzing or referencing of problematic symptoms. The focus is on the now. The universal power within, or as the Hawaiians call, the Aloha Spirit, takes control and everything is intuitively known and understood. Lomi Lomi Massage is not done in a hurry. For the best experience, 90 minutes or a 2-hour session is recommended.

I have trained at a master healing academy in Kainaliu Hawaii in order to deliver authentic Lomi Lomi massage. This therapy is one of the best healing therapies offered at my practice.

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