Taking Care of Your Back While Sitting Extensively

Maintaining your back is essential for the spine to stay correctly aligned. While sitting in front a computer is unavoidable most work days, making sure the back and neck is at a good position can go a long way to preventing lower back pain. Try to think of your neck and shoulders posture as the starting point in good back care, keep them level and not rounded forward. Try to relax your shoulders even when stuck at your laptop for long hours.

Invest in a comfortable, supportive chair. Sit to the rear of your chair, not at the middle, use the chair back rest as much as possible – important part but usually ignored!

If you are already experiencing lower back pain, place a rolled-up towel or a small cushion in the small of your back. That can help a lot!

When sitting at a desk your elbows should lie at between 90 degrees and 100 degrees to the table and your work surface should be clear enough to allow you to slide your forearms freely left and right in front of you.



Take frequent breaks while at your computer – ideally every 20 to 30 minutes. Try to get up and move every now and again to allow your body to remain flexible and agile. It is important to maintain your body’s optimum position and prevent unnecessary tension. If you are experiencing discomfort with your current furniture, invest in an ergononomic chair where possible.



While sitting at a desk, avoid crossing your legs or sitting on one leg. Crossing your legs alters the alignment of your pelvis and spine. Sitting on your lower leg compresses the knee joint (terrible for your knees!) which stresses both your knees and your back. It also compromises circulation..far reaching effects all round!


At least not while sitting anyway! 🙂 The wheels on a desktop chair are there to assist you to move easily if you are doing various tasks from side to side or forwards and backwards.

Make sure you use your feet, knees and hips to move the chair, but maintain your spine in an upright position without twisting when moving side to side or forwards and backwards – that’s harmful to your lower back muscles!


If you are feeling any stiffness around your back, try the below exercise which helps to stretch out and strengthen the back.

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