The Pressure Question – How much pressure during a massage?

A great and effective massage requires good communication with the therapist during the session on your pressure preference, whether the pressure is too much, too little or just right. Pressure is relative – everyone has different preferences when it comes to how much pressure they would like during their massage. Most massage therapists are grateful for the feedback you provide and helps them to tailor your massage to be just right for you.

In this massage practice, I make sure to ask each client at least twice (or more) during the massage how the pressure is feeling, this is my way of checking in to give the client the chance to let me know if any pressure adjustments are needed or if it’s spot on. I also encourage the client to alert me at any point if they are feeling any discomfort or if they would even like to end the session before the scheduled time. I don’t believe in delivering a massage just for the sake of it, I’d rather both client and therapist are happy with how the session is going and if it’s not for any reason, you have full permission to tell me.

So please, remember to communicate on how you’re finding the pressure, as that’s really the best way to get a massage that feels right for you.

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